Processed meat and fish food

Processed meat and fish food

Interstarch Ukraine starches and syrups are used as a stabilizer and binder in the technological processes of meat and fish processing.

Modified starches are added to minced meat to bind free moisture, what allows forming the necessary structure of the product. Our starches are used as a thickener in the production of sausage, and they do not change the final taste of the product.

Gluten-free wheat starch has the same properties, what is especially important for consumers who adhere to a gluten-free diet.

The dried glucose syrups, which are added to the formulation of sausages and fish marinades as a powder, increase the shelf life and stability of the finished product.

Our wheat gluten is also widely used in the manufacture of cooked sausages and semi-finished meat products helping to create a structure that is similar to meat fiber.

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