Gluten-free baking mix "Gründorf" for cakes and cookies baking

Product family:
Gluten-free products
Gluten-free baking mixes
Area of Application:
Gluten-free baking mix "Gründorf" for cakes and cookies baking
Main Characteristics:
Moisture content, % (max.)
Bulk weight, g / dm3
рH - index
Gluten content, mg / kg, less than
Baked goods
Baked goods
Prepared mixes
Prepared mixes
Benefits & PropertiesTraditional tasteFor home use
Benefit for healthHealthy baking production on industrial scale
Suitable for special nutrition
General Information:

Interstarch Ukraine offers Gründorf gluten-free mixes for baking various bakery and flour confectionery products. Gluten-free baking mixes are made from high-quality raw materials and contain less than 20 milligrams of gluten per kilogram of finished product. Glündorf gluten-free Baking Mix for sponge cakes and cookie is made on the basis of rice flour, corn starch, gluten-free wheat starch, with the addition of a thickener. This composition of the ingredients provides a gluten-free product with a traditional taste and flavor. Glündorf gluten-free baking mix for sponge cakes and cookie can be the basis for a variety of bakery product recipes both in a production and at home.

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