Gluten-free baking mix "Gründorf" for gingerbread and honey-cakes baking

Product family:
Gluten-free products
Gluten-free baking mixes
Area of Application:
Gluten-free baking mix "Gründorf" for gingerbread and honey-cakes baking
Main Characteristics:
Moisture content, % (max.)
Bulk weight, g / dm3
рH - index
Gluten content, mg / kg, less than
Baked goods
Baked goods
Prepared mixes
Prepared mixes
Benefits & PropertiesTraditional tasteFor home use
Suitable for special nutritionHealthy baking production on industrial scale
Benefit for health
General Information:

Interstarch Ukraine offers Gründorf gluten-free mixes for baking various bakery and flour confectionery products. Gluten-free baking mixes are made from high-quality raw materials and contain less than 20 milligrams of gluten per kilogram of finished product.

Gründorf Gluten-free baking mix for ginger and honey gingerbread is developed using gluten-free wheat starch, rice and corn flour, corn starch, spices, and thickener. Carefully selected ingredients give the traditional taste and flavor to the finished products. The mixture is ideal for baking gluten-free gingerbread in production conditions.

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